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Rhapsody / Napster Launches First Virtual Reality Music App

image from lh3.googleusercontent.comThere's a lot of buzz around virtual reality (VR) and music. How will creative artists use it?  Will it hurt live concert attendance or add a new revenue stream? Today, streaming service Rhapsody got out in front of the trend with the launch of a standalone app, Rhapsody VR.


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Rhapsody has launched of a free standalone virtual reality app, Rhapsody VR; and you don't have to be a Rhapsody subscriber to use it. It's the first VR focused solely on music.

At launch, Rhapsody VR features live performances of Talib Kweli performing his classic “Get By” and Flatbush Zombies performing “Bath Salt” and “Bounce." There are also performances by The Blind Shake, Low Cut Connie, Sweet Spirit, Eli “Paperboy” Reed and Shannon and The Clams.

Rhapsody plans on rolling out more content from additional artists every month.

The Future Of Music & Virtual Reality

Rhapsody sees a string future for the marriage of music and virtual reality. "Music lovers around the world can experience a live concert for free from anywhere — the comfort of their home, their local watering hole, or wherever they have a cellular or WiFi connection," the company said in statement. Plus "musicians can share live performances with more fans in a unique, 360º visually immersive way, expanding their base of listeners and sharing more music with the world."

360º video filming and more was provided by Minneapolis-based virtual reality company Visual, whose founder Chuck Olsen worked closely with the Rhapsody team.

How It Works 

Download the Rhapsody VR app for iOS or Android and use your phone with a Google Cardboard viewer (for the best experience) to enjoy a 360-degree concert from the stage. If you don’t have a Cardboard viewer handy, the 360-degree experience still works on your phone.


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