Using YouTube Sections To Organize Your Videos And Get More Views

1 (1)When drawing fans to your YouTube content, it's important to make sure your channel is organized and easy to use, something which can be done through the use of the sections feature on your YouTube channel's homepage.


Guest Post by Chris Robley on The DIY Musician

Sections give your viewers a super easy way to explore grouped content right from your YouTube channel page.

With sections, you can organize videos on your YouTube channel according to theme, style, series, genre, etc. For instance, on my channel I’ve created sections for live videos, music videos, Art Tracks by album, interviews, and more.

Because sections can include videos you haven’t uploaded directly to your channel, they also give you a simple way to organize and showcase great content that your fans and friends post to YouTube (live performances, music videos by bands you’re touring with, gear reviews, etc.).

Keep in mind that only your top sections will be visible without scrolling, so be sure your most important sections are at the top of your channel page.

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