17% Of Fans Represent 61% Of All $’s Spent On Music [CHART]

image from www.businessknowhow.comWe've written often about the importance and profitability of concentrating your efforts on reaching and selling to your hardcore fans.  Just how important that is and how rare super-fans are, is illustrated beautifully in this infographic


From Mark Mulligan on the MiDiA blog:

"These consumers shape the fortunes of the music business.  In the past this did not matter so much because:

a)   So many mainstream fans were spending strongly

b)   Aficionados were behaving predictably

Now that has all changed.  Passives are sating their appetites on YouTube while Aficionados are making major changes to their buying habits, with streaming playing a key role. 45% of these music fans have a music subscription and they represent close to two thirds of all subscribers. 22% report that they are buying fewer downloads while 29% used to buy more than an album a month but no longer do.

These are the consumers that used to spend $20, $30 or more each month on buying albums. Now they spend $9.99. What other media industry caps the spending of its most valuable customers?!"

image from www.midiaresearch.com

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  1. Not the easiest information to understand. Yes, people are spending less on music. I’d like to see this article talk more detailed on superfans and how they are changing specifically. The article seems to make an umbrella statement with little evidential support. It still is an artist to fan relationship that determines spending in my opinion. Write about a specific genre, locations etc and perhaps repost article. I know it takes time to do analysis but it’s important to be on point because a lot of people will be reading what’s posted on this website. Thanks

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