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#Midem 2016 Attendance Falls 20%

image from cdn2.hubspot.netMidem is still the largest and most important gathering of the international music business.  But its relevance has been under attack ever since email and Skype made it easier to do business globally, and challenges by a growing list of more specialized, affordable and more manageable gatherings.


Attendance at international music industry convention Midem fell 20% this year from 5500 to 4400, according to the event's coordinators.  MIDEM director Jérôme Delhaye said that the drop was due tothe flooding in Paris, which had led to some cancellations and discontinuation of a business-to-consumer track. The number of professionals in attendance was only down "a couple of hundred" from the previous year, according to Delhaye.

More than 600 labels, up 10 from last year, from 85 countries were represented. The Top 5 countries represented were France, Germany, UK, US and Japan.

Delhaye denied rumors that Midem would move to Barcelona or shut down next year.


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  1. Given the number of special prices that were available for artists, start-ups, members of national pavilions, first-timers etc, I’m not sure how much cheaper Midem could become. I’m not too sure about the Barcelona angle either. I’ve been hearing this for 10 years. Is it really that much cheaper to fly to Barcelona?

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