SoundCloud Gives Creators An “Album” Option

SoundCloud_logoEver since SoundCloud cut its label deals and added a paid service, it's sped up the pace at which its adding new features. Today they added the option to display groups of tracks as an album rather than just as a playlist.


When SoundCloud started creators shared their work track-by-track. Over the years, the platform evolved to enable playlists. Today, they added another way for creators to share and listeners to discover SoundCloud's massive catalog of music with the addition of Albums.

If you’re a creator, log on to your profile and mark any playlist you’d like to move to the album format. This will organize any collection of tracks into Soundcloud's new “Album” section on your profile, and allow it to be discoverable via search. We hope “Albums” offers yet another way for you to share and showcase your work on SoundCloud.

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You'll find more info here.


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