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Live Nation Brings TSA Pre✓ Enrollment, Expedited Event Entry To Festivals, Concerts

image from[UPDATED] Annoyed by the long lines at concerts that seem to be getting longer due to increased security measures? In answer, Live Nation has partnered with the same company that provides pre-screening at airports to bring their services to concerts.


Live Nation has partnered with IdentoGO, the security pre-screening company used by the Transportation Security Administration to provide easier passage through airport checkpoints, to provide fast access to concerts. The promoter is careful to call the new service a convenience, rather than an additional security measure. 

Music fans can sign up for TSA Pre at select festivals and concerts. IdentoGO is also rolling out a new Fast Pass program, which will give TSA Pre✓ members an expedited entry lane at select Live Nation festivals and shows, as well as normal airport benefits.

"Live Nation is always looking for ways to make the concert-going experience more seamless, and by offering Fast Pass by IdentoGO we can get fans out of line and into the show even faster, which makes this a really organic partnership,” said Maureen Ford, Live Nation’s President of Client Sales.

LivenationAttendees can sign up at pre-approved location, with a valid ID, proof of US citizenship and a fee of $85 dollars. The enrollment process is typically completed in about ten minutes and is good for five years. The first major Live Nation festival to use the system was the Watershed Country Music Festival at The Gorge.


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  1. This is just one more way to steal money from people. What do they even have to screen for? If it is the threat of terrorism, our Federal Gov’t. should not allow terrorists into the country. They KNOW who they are, and have for years. Taking in refugees from these Islamic nations that are hell bent on destroying the USA is not making it any easier. This seems like nothing more than creating jobs to improve the economy…..or, the bottom line of a greedy entity that just wants your money.I’ll just stay home, and the screeners can have my seat. Enough of the bullshit paranoia that was created for wealth. FUCK IT FUCK THEM and FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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