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Mixcloud Attracts 1 Million Music Curators With Royalties Paid, No Venture Funding

mixcloud logoSelf-funded startup Mixcloud has quietly reached the million curator milestone. This achievement stands in sharp contrast to headlines touting millions in new funding alongside high profile failures by music tech startups like Crowdmix, Guvera and CUR


Online radio platform Mixcloud announced that more than 1 million uploaders have contributed radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts to the service. Collectively they've made more than 10 million shows available for streaming. On average, listeners stream more than 2 million unique shows monthly.

The lean 15 member team at the 8 year old London and New York based startup has never taken a dime of funding while at  the same time paying music licenses from the it launched. Income is generated from brand partnerships with the likes of Red Bull, Adidas and Coca Cola.  

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Mixcloud already boasts the world’s largest community of music curators, and reaching this milestone only solidifies our hold on that claim,” says Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez. “Having reached this point with a team of less than 15 people makes me incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, as well as motivated to continue our momentum."

Updated Website,  Apps And A New Advisor

To celebrate the million curator milestone, Mixcloud has launched a new website with a cleaner more responsive design. Trending and featured shows are more easily accessible, containing more information and options. New iOS and Android apps are now also more responsive and include the ability to create playlists of favorite shows 

Simon Watt, former CTO of Universal Music, has joined the startup's advisory board.

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The top curators on Mixcloud include a range of professional Curators, superstar DJs and hobbyists:

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. LDBK radio
  3. John Digweed
  4. Carl Cox
  5. DJ Dimsa
  6. NTS Radio
  7. Jazzcat
  8. Brooklyn Radio
  9. LeFtO
  10. Adam Beyer

The most popular genres in terms of share of total minutes streamed include a broad range of styles, genres, and sounds:

  1. House (Deep House, Electro House, Tech House): 36%
  2. Urban (Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae): 16%
  3. Funk, Soul and Jazz: 12%
  4. Trance = 8%
  5. Techno = 5%




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