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10 Things Musicians Should Do At Any Festival Or Music Conference [Kosha Dillz]

A3c-2011logo-title-blue1Before he headed to All Three Coasts (A3C) music festival, rapper Kosha Dillz highlights ten things which every musician should do at any fest, whether it's in the form of a direct action or simply an attitude adjustment.


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By indie rapper Kosha Dillz

I guess we can say there is a difference being "right" and being "wrong." If you aren't the one in control of your own destiny than it has no basis anyways. I am headed to the A3C Festival and I must say it'll be my first time there in about 4 years. I am looking at some of these line ups and I don't know who anyone is. It is an exciting time. I need re-educate, re-adjust, re-evaluate and more in this trip. My stock has risen in ways but I am not as young and "lit" and the stock of the festival has too. To be honest , it is a great time to be going back to Atlanta, with an album that charted on Billboard and an upcoming residency at The Satellite in LA.

Last time I did it strongly in 2011, I had an amazing article with myself and Freeway where we spoke on Islam and Judaism. We had a full page spread in Creative Loafing, and it was one of the coolest articles I had done. I grew up listening to Freeway, so this was such a cool honor. This time around, I'm not sure what even matters the most, but I am excited.  I am assessing what is the best way to go about this new movement at A3C, so take heed on how to take on a festival where everyone is "better" than you. Here are a couple of suggestions for your daily grind, or as I call it…the daily dillz!

  1. Instead of selective tweeting, go with the "live" tweeting. Social media is the bomb. Literally we have instagram, twitter, Facebook, and snap chat, as well as instagram stories and vine…kinda.  Don't worry about who to follow and not. Follow everyone. You don't know who will blow up or not. Point is you are going down there to connect. Who cares if they follow you or not. They are, even if they don't admit it.
  2. Be humble – Don't go down there saying everyone you played with and all etc. If you are playing A3C , you can literally create a new bio. I can say that I have played the same stage with everyone from Method Man to Master P. Master P is speaking so we can swing that. Just tell them you are working hard. Everyone has a story here. Even if yours has more accolades, just go down there with positive vibes. People will do the research on you once they look you up and find out.
  3. Show up for other peoples shows and participate – Don't be hater in the back with your arms crossed waiting and watching. Like seriously. You suck if you do. I get it. You never bought a ticket to another show and you don't go see live music, but just this once if there is 20 people in the room and you have the opportunity to rock out for someone who is dope, get off your phone and change the vibe of the room.  I know you are an artist or a manager and "you rhyme too" but in reality, changing some one performance will be be meaningful.
  4. Attend panels to attend , not to attack – I say attend panels to attend them, because I don't want you going to a panel with an AnR thinking you are gonna go there and gonna get a record deal. with a $100,000 advance once you leave the room. You should go to learn how to approach people in this field, as we are in the most egotistical and self centered business of all time, where people brag about how much money they have, who they work with, and what they "do." Pretend you are in school, and bring a pen and pad. Learn a little bit.  When you are actually listening, you not only get way more from the experience but also have a bunch of people watching you listen, which is a great quality to have. As much as you think it is necessary to have one of these people sign you, you must have faith that you are gonna do your thing no matter what you are there for, as an artist, manager, or whatever!
  5. DownloadBuy someone a coffee or meal – Lots of people are coming down here with grand plans of impact. I always say that impact is best made when it is genuine, so when you get a chance, hit the diner up late night and cover someones meal or coffee in the morning. People will receive 50 cds and also 326 fliers, but only one man will be smart enough to buy someone a shot of water or a double espresso. Be clever!
  6. Support Local or touring acts- If you are not from Atlanta, take in the coolest city in the South which is leading in the music and film industry. As DIY and independent artists, go to Criminal Records and drop off some cds and fliers. Buy a record. Buy a shirt. If you don't get a chance to go, buy merch from a fellow touring artist. Some people don't have much to make it here and can use the help. No one ever died from helping.
  7. Go where you are invited – Promoting is one of the hardest things to do in rap, because you are dealing with everyone is who is more important than the next person. Trust me. There will be enough people at the mass appeal show or the BET show. Try going to one of the smaller shows for a bit and seeing someone new. Not only will it be more impactful, but that you can give another person hope that promoting a show really works. Trust me! Rick Ross isn't in need of passing out fliers to come see him play. Although I really wanna see Royce Da 5' 9!
  8. Download (1)Don't forget to work out – You are gonna be on the go all the days for A3C. DOn't use these days as the days to fall off your regiment. Maybe you can connect with someone when you are down there? I know that I will be waking up to go for a run everyday. Not only do you have to stay on it, but  you have to stay on it. 
  9. Pass on the partying – easier said than done, but pass on the partying. I'm sure you are great and smoking weed and drinking all night, but it might be a better idea for you to be completely on point. This is a conference. A work conference.  Might be best for you to not get in trouble in your hotel room in some foreign state where the weed laws aren't the same as California or Washington State.
  10. Come early and stay late – The best time to build relationships for me have been in the early day when it is just starting and at the end when everyone is cleaning up. Even if you aren't a volunteer, I suggest you do those things. the volunteers at A3c are going to be the next editors and players and producers, so don't pass judgement on anyone here Unless you are kendrick lamar or the next big thing, be part of the team. I remember A3C starting and hanging out all night with Brian in the office and watching Mike build it and going to the diner at 3:30 am for the last conversations because my flight was at 6 am. I also remember being the first one on festival grounds shaking hands with every vendor, and then using them as my t shirt person for Vans Warped Tour.
I think these things are some of the best things I can recommend. In all reality, you can use these "things" to do in any aspect of your life. The idea is that if you build this regiment into your regular life, you will never have to worry about it ever again. But this is A3C. I recall some of my last moments with Sean Price were there. I opened for Rakim there. I was first written about in MTV there. I opened for B.O.B. there. I recorded songs there.  Use this as an opportunity to make something happen. Be around. Shake hands. No hand should be considered different than the next hand.
If you'd like to connect with me of course, I'll be playing songs from my album What I do all day and pickle at ATL TEN  for the This is My Year showcase presented by Swisher Sweets on thursday October 6th.  I will also be street performing , so you can see my freestyle in my element. Be sure to kick me 20 bucks  when you are our partying… and by the way…don't just stare at this…share the article! Until then, I am looking forward to meeting you, hiring you, and maybe even collaborating with you on something really dope.
@koshadillz is young veteran that many people have never heard of. He has penned articles from Billboard magazine, has a billboard charting album out currently in 2016 and recently did a ted talk on how freestyle rap saved his life. and also dropped a video that just hit 50k+ views featuring Matisyahu . He curates a official SXSW showcase called OY VEY! and wlll probably book people he meets at A3X.


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