5 Tips To Help DJs Play Your Music

TrillIf you're in the business of making music, there's a good chance you have, at one time or another, tried to get your music into the hands of a DJ, but this hardly guarantees they'll actually play any of it. Here we examine five tips for increasingly the liklihood of a DJ spinning your tunes. 


Guest Post from Trill Trax

How to help DJs play your records 

It is safe to say that the majority of artists at some point have tried to get their music in the hands of DJs. In many cases the records are not played for various reasons which I will discuss. While DJs are still gatekeepers to breaking new music, bad music will always get the boot. Here are a few ways you can help yourself get your music played. 

Create good music 

As simple as it sounds, creating good, popular music is tough. It is even harder when you are trying to get your songs mixed in with the latest pop records. Different songs call for different environments. 

With that said, don’t expect a DJ to play your slow very obscure song in the highest moment of the party. It does not fit. If you want it played at peak dance time, then create some peak dance music. 

If you create danceable music with a catchy beat and words that are easy to sing along to, your chances of getting played increase. 

Make sure it is mixed properly 

MaxresdefaultThis is another culprit to why you aren’t getting played. Get your songs professionally mixed. DJs have a reputation. Not only that, but all sound systems are not treated equally. Therefore, what may sound good to you, may sound terrible to a large crowd with loud speakers in front of them.

 If your vocals are buried in the mix, don’t expect the DJ to just turn up the highs. A bad mix is a bad mix. 

Create DJ service packs 

Probably one of the easiest ways to get played, but often ignored, is to make a service pack. Always have a clean version, instrumental and in some cases acapella. Here is a list of what your pack could look like. 

  • Clean version

  • Dirty version

  • Clean Acapella

  • Dirty Acapella

  • Instrumental

  • 8-bar Intro Clean

  • 8-bar Intro Dirty

  • Radio Edit

  • Club Mix

 Create a pack, compress it into a zip folder to host on Mediafire or Dropbox. This makes it easier for the DJ to blend your song in with another records as well as remix your vocals with other instrumentals. 

Don’t forget to have high-quality mp3 versions of each and to include all the right metadata.   

Don’t send songs with other DJ drops 

This will most certainly not get your music played. If you had your songs hosted by another DJ, that is great. However, don’t send those same records with their drops to other DJs. 

Professional DJs won’t (shouldn’t) play other DJs drops. Send the version you want played without drops. 

Don’t be annoying 

Yes, it is frustrating to try and get DJs to play your music. Don’t become a nuisance though and don’t add them to your newsletter without permission. If they ask to send a record, send a record, not five with a video and bio. 

If that DJ is interested, they will seek out more information. 

Don’t show up to the club either and expect that since the DJ saw you, he will automatically play your record immediately. It does not work that way. If the song fits and the DJ finds it appropriate, then he or she may rock it at their discretion. 

Some DJs charge for spins or expect something in return for them playing your music. I don’t agree, however that is the reality of the game. If you really want them to play it, follow the above advice. Make your music popular on your own so when you come to the DJ, they already have it. 

While you may believe your record is the hottest, not you or the DJ can make that conclusion. That is up to the crowd. If your record clears the dancefloor, then you have less of a chance of getting more music played by that DJ. 

If you believe you have a hot single, email it to me. If I like it, I’ll play it, it’s that simple.

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