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Apple Aquires Tech, Talent Of Bankrupt Music Streamer Omnifone

omnifoneOminfone was in the business of building streaming music services for the likes of Blackberry, Samsung's Milk and Pono. It was one of the first companies to launch an unlimited streaming service and among the first to fail. Now, Apple has acquired its tech and hired key staffers.


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Apple has acquired key technology and hired at least 16 staffers of now defunct music streamer Omnifone. The deal unfolded back in July and August, but was just uncovered by TechCrunch.

While not a full acquisition, the deal bolsters Apple's growing Apple Music service, both with new tech and talent.   Omnifone controls over 50 patents  in areas including digital media identification, streaming and downloading.

Acquisitions by Apple designed to further its music ambitions include Lala, Swell, MusicMetric and of course Beats.

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