4 Great Music Business Quotes

2In this compilation of quotes, major industry players such as Don Passman, Snake Sabo, and Amy Porterfield share some powerful and important pieces of advice on finding success while living a life in the music business.


Guest post by Rick Goetz of MusicConsultant

At Music Consultant, we’ve interviewed hundreds of leaders and visionaries in the music industry. Below are some powerful words of wisdom!

Don Passman, entertainment attorney, author of Everything You Need to Know about the Music Business, on what successful artists have in common:

“They definitely do things differently … The funny thing is, it’s not about talent, because I’ve known some incredibly talented people that have had only moderate careers or no careers at all. The real keys to success are drive and determination. You need to be willing to walk through walls to get to where you need to go and not get discouraged. I think that is something really big they have all had in common.”

2Snake Sabo, guitarist, songwriter, artist manager, founding member of Skid Row, on building a live fan base:

“I believe every artist has to build from a live standpoint. We want to be entertained and be able to go to a show and see these songs. I still believe in real artists, artists that are not just about a song, but are great performers as well. I think everything needs to tie in together for someone to be successful on a long-term basis.”

Jeff Chenault, founder and creative director of Eleven07, on artist branding:

“Think about branding down to the smallest detail: Use the same colors, the same font and make sure your band photo – if you’re using a color photo – has colors that work with the album cover and other merchandise. Try to create a real theme and put it everywhere. If people see that theme enough, it will stick in their minds.”

Amy Porterfield, social media and marketing expert, on controlling your message:

“Social media gives you this huge platform to tell people who you are, what you’re about and really influence people and make them see you the way you want them to see you. You have control over that message when it comes to social media. The biggest mistake I see is that people are not consistent and they’re not patient.”

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