Jay Coyle Launches Crowdfunding For Musicians Course with Soundfly [DISCOUNT CODES]

image from blog.hwtrek.comMusic marketing expert Jay Coyle has successfully steered over three dozen direct-to-fan and crowdfunding campaigns over the past three years.  Now he's partnered with Soundfly to create an online course to teach you to do the same, "Crowd Funding For Musicians." 



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Crowdfunding isn't a new or even novel concept.  

Benji Rogers, founder of PledgeMusic, recently said "Music has always been crowdfunded. It's just been a question of when you ask the fan to pay — before it's made or after."

Crowdfunding campaigns aren't just about the money either.

Crowdfunding is just another term for super-serving your superfans and enabling you to fund your next project. Running a crowdfunding campaign isn't easy and if you don't do educate yourself before the campaign, you'll underserve your fanbase and likely not reach your financial goal.

So Music Geek Services founder and crowdfunding expert Jay Coyle has partnered with Soundfly to create an affordable online course, CROWDFUNDING FOR MUSICIANS

Here's what the Jay had to say about the new course: 

"I am excited to offer my insight into how to launch and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. I created Music Geek Services to offer my fan engagement and direct-to-fan strategy to clients. After having directed and lead over three dozen successful campaigns with artists at all levels, I can now use my experience to offer useful guidance to artists looking to plan, create and execute a successful fan-focused crowdfunding campaign. I view any direct-to-fan project going much deeper than the money generated and my hope is that artists will educate themselves on how to best utilize this extremely powerful tool."

DISCOUNT CODE: Use the code CoyleReport15 for 15% off of any of the 3 levels of the course, starting at $49. Sign up here. It can also be used for any of the other Soundfly courses.

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  1. I’m a professional music manager with over 4 years experience of managing a band and I run 3 separate businesses and I’d like to help young bands with free advice and tips because I’m fed up of the music industry con men fleecing bands out of hundreds of pounds for services that they shouldn’t even be charging up front for. Check out my blog for my FREE advice, really there is no catch, just trying to lend a hand. http://getnoticedandsigned.blogspot.co.uk/

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