Spotify Adds ‘Discover Weekly’ Style Concert Recommendation Emails, Partners With Ticketmaster

Spotify newSpotify is using the same recommendation technology that powers its popular Discover Weekly feature to drive additional touring revenue for artists. And as if to prove it's truly the Switzerland of music services, Ticketmaster and Songkick, who are embroiled in a lengthy court battle, will both deliver concert information and ticketing links.


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Spotify is adding concert recommendation emails using the same fan understanding and recommendation technology that powers Discover Weekly.  Concerts with artists that Spotify's machine learning technology thinks users might like will now be included, alongside shows by artists that the user is following. The new concerts recommendations email will alert users, along with an expanded recommended concerts feature. 


In a new partnership announced today, Ticketmaster concert listings will also be integrated into artist pages, the recommended concerts feature and emails.  This new partnership should simplify the purchase experience; and the resulting combined data should deepen the industry's understanding of how recommendations drive sales. By combining listening data with purchase behavior, Spotify will also be able to refine their recommendations.

Spotify will continue partnering with Songkick for concerts that aren’t being sold via Ticketmaster. Concert recommendation emails will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

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