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Spotify Is Dumping Huge Amounts Of Junk Data On Your Hard Drive, Fix Promised

image from[UPDATE] Spotify users are falling prey to a major bug in its desktop application across multiple platforms that is leaving 10-700 gigabytes and more of junk data every hour on unsuspecting user's hard drives.


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UPDATE: Version 1-.42.151 is available to most users as of 11/14/2016

For five months or more, the Spotify desktop music streaming app has been dumping massive amounts of junk data onto their hard drives.   Reports of tens or in some cases hundreds of giagabytes of unwanted data being written per hour are common, according to ars technica; and sometimes the junk data is in terabytes. The data dump appears to happen even when Spotify is idle and isn't storing any songs locally.

Reports have been coming in for 5 months to Spotify's own forum, Reddit and elsewhere.  But only today has Spotify promised a fix. In a statement, the music streamer said:

"We've seen some questions in our community around the amount of written data using the Spotify client on desktop. These have been reviewed and any potential concerns have now been addressed in version 1.0.42, currently rolling out to all users."

The update is rolling out to users over the next few days.


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