7 Ways To Find A Great Manager

BzBlog_7-ways-find-manager_IMG01As the person who connects an artist or band to the outside world and acts the liaison in the harsh business of music, finding an effective and compatible manager is paramount. Here we examine seven different ways of making this happen.


In the latest from MusicThinkTank, Ari Herstand breaks down seven ways of finding a manager, be it from a blog, public radio or a business school.

"The two extremes of artist managers are the Well-Connected Manager (WCM) and the Best-Friend Manager (BFM). Every manager exists somewhere on this spectrum. Everything you need to know about managers, what they do, what they shouldn’t do, whether you should sign with one when you’re approached, how to be successful without a manager and how to structure your project to make you attractive to managers, we’re going to dig into in this chapter."

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