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UPDATE: Sony Music, Bob Dylan Twitter Accounts Hacked – Company Issues Statement

Sony-Music-logo-wordmark[UPDATED] The Sony Music and Bob Dylan Twitter accounts were hacked on Tuesday and false reports that Britney Spears has died were posted on both accounts. Spears is in fact alive, according to her management, and the offending tweets have been deleted. More details and screenshots:



The Twitter accounts of Sony Music and Bob Dylan were hacked on Tuesday morning and false reports of Britney Spears' death were posted on both accounts.

UPDATE: In a brief statement Sony Music confirmed the hack: "Sony Music Entertainment's Twitter account was compromised.  This has been rectified.  Sony Music apologizes to Britney Spears and her fans for any confusion.

The hacks were reportedly the work of hacker collective OurMine, which alo claimed responsibility for high profiler hacks of the Twitter accounts of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Netflix, Marvel and the Buzzfeed web site.

sony britney hack

And from Bob Dylan's Twitter account, where even the mention of Spears should have set off the fake news alarm:

dylan sony hack

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Less than an hour later, Sony's social media team also posted:

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