TuneCore Launches In Italy, Shares New Streaming Growth Stats

arrows uoTuneCore continued to grow in 2016, despite increased competition, thanks to overseas expansion.  That effort was no doubt made easier by Believe Digital, which acquired TuneCore in 2015 and already has a presence in more than 25 countries.



Flat fee indie music distributor TuneCore is ending a year of international  expansion with today's launch of of TuneCore Italy.  

As the only major global distribution service with a dedicated Italian offering, Tunecore.it features local content in the native language that caters to the Italian independent artist community. , Italian customers will have also access to TuneCore’s  portfolio of artist services, as well as local partners such as Music Raiser and MusicOFF.

Key TuneCore 2016 International stats:

  • Hip Hop and R&B/Soul are two of the fastest growing genres in each of its key international markets (U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France).
  • Streaming has exploded year-over-year across its international markets:
    • Canada – 340% 
    • Australia – 92%
    • Germany  - 71%
    • UK – 67%
    • US – 65%

TuneCore is now in 8 countries: U.S. UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy. Since its 2006 launch, TuneCore artists have earned more than $783 million collectively from over 43.8 billion downloads and streams.

“As we head into 2017, global expansion is pivotal in furthering our mission to bring more music to more people worldwide, while continuing to establish TuneCore as a leader in the international digital music distribution market,” says Scott Ackerman, CEO at TuneCore. “Our global expansion into Italy – a market that previously lacked a dedicated local offering from a global distributor – is a natural fit as we continue to support our artists by giving them the local resources and tools they need to be successful.”

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