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Facebook Hires YouTube and Google Play’s Tamara Hrivnak To Head New Global Music Strategy

image from media.licdn.comFacebook has been without a real music strategy, much to the dismay of both the industry and unpaid musicians. That may finally be about to change with the hiring of a top music exec from YouTube and Google Play.

Facebook-musicFacebook has hired YouTube and Google Play's Director Of Music Partnerships' Tamara Hrivnak to lead its global music strategy. Prior to Google, Hrivnak, who is an attorney, did a stint at Warner Music Group with a focus on publishing.

Appropriately, Hrivnak announced her move in a Facebook post.

Despite being a pivotal place for music discovery, sharing and marketing, Facebook has been without a real music strategy. But they have been ramping up staff to serve the industry in recent months. So far, however, their focus has been on creating a better Content ID system.

With this hire, labels, publishers and musicians will all be watching to see how the social behemoth intends to compensate them for the immense amount of music shared and played in videos on the site

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