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After 40 Years, Is The CMJ College Radio Chart Dead?

CMJ logoAfter 40 years the CMJ Chart - the only chart that measures college radio - may be gone forever. If true, its a blow both to college radio and to the many indie artists and labels that used it to launch their careers. 

cmj logoFor the last two weeks, CMJ has failed to publish its weekly college radio charts. Adam Klein of Abaculi Media, who owns CMJ  had sent and an email, obtained by Pitchfork, that the charts might resume before the end of last week, and would “definitely” be back this week.  But this week, another email sent out read, “There will not be charts this week and I will let you know where we stand on timing before the end of the week.”

Klein, who also promised but failed to produce the popular CMJ Music Marathon has not responded to comment.

Editor: If anyone wants to start another college radio chart, Hypebot would love to help publish it.