Bandcamp Makes Major Improvements To Help Sell More Merchandise, Physical Goods

BandcamplogoSales of music merchandise, along with other physical formats, continue to grow on Bandcamp. To accelerate growth, Bandcamp has unveiled major improvements. 


bandcamp merch

Vinyl sales grew 48%, cassettes were up 58% and even CD sales grew 14% last year on Bandcamp. To date, fans have bought over four million physical items with $58 million through the site, and merch sales continue to grow every year, according to the indie sales and marketing platform.

image from www.hypebot.com

To accelerate merchandise growth, Bandcamp has released a number of major improvements:

  • Within the merch editor, users can now add any number of countries as shipping destinations, set individual shipping rates for each one, and save them as defaults that can be applied across multiple products.
  • If sending goods from more than one location, users can  now set up multiple shipping origins from the Profile page, and choose to charge taxes in more than one place.

  • Once multiple origins are set, users can set individual rates and inventory for those origins, and Bandcamp will automatically route orders to the appropriate origin based on the buyer’s location.
  • A new Merch Orders API that lets users query for new orders, mark existing ones as shipped, and search through older orders, filtering by label, band, or date. It also delivers details about the merchandise for sale on Bandcamp, and update SKU and inventory information.

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