CD Baby Back Online After Multi-Day Outage

cd baby logoCDBaby.com is back online after an outage that lasted much of the last 5 days. The indie music and musician's services company blamed a corrupt database caused during routine maintenance. 


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CDBaby.com, which was unavailable to users for most of the last 5 days, is back online. Service was restored at 1:30 AM ET on Tuesday. The outage affected hundreds of thousands of independent artists who use the company's sales, distribution, publishing and other services.

"our database became corrupted"

"On the evening of Thursday, February 16 we took our servers offline for normal, scheduled maintenance," CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux wrote in a letter to users. "During that process, our database became corrupted and the initial database restoration failed. As you might imagine, a database serving 500,000 clients worldwide and seven million tracks is pretty big, so the successful restore process took quite a while. Because we couldn’t process data in the interim (such as CD sales or new album signups) our CD Baby retail and members sites remained offline for the duration of the emergency." 

Was Artist & User Data Hacked?

The was no unauthorized access to artist or fan data, CD Baby said in a statement: "All your information is secure and intact. There was no external interference (we weren’t hacked)."

The company did say that there will be "a slight delay" in payments due to the outage; but assured users that all sales and streams during the outage through partner platforms like Spotify, Apple and Amazon will be reported and accounted for.

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