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image from www.fastcompany.comFast Company has named its Most Innovative Companies of 2017 and 10 made Music 's Most Innovative list. They include only one music streamer, one record label, one that has very little to do with music and a heavy emphasis on companies that empower musicians.


Fast Co

10 Most Innovative Music Companies

1. Spotify
For using data to find the right tunes

2. Parkwood Entertainment
For making "Lemonade" out of a fractured landscape

3. Bandcamp
For defying the death of downloads

4. OVO Sound
For making Drake an early winner of the streaming wars

5. Songkick
For personalizing concert listings

6. Kobalt
For sniffing out artists' royalties across the web

7. Instagram
For becoming BFFs with pop stars

8. Atlantic Records
For racking up the gold (and platinum)

9. Moog Music
For finding digital relevance for analog synths

10. ReplyYes
For using chatbots to sell vinyl records

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