The Musician’s Guide To SoundCloud: Part 3 [CyberPR]

SoundCloud_logo (1)Welcome to the third and final installment of our Musician’s Guide to SoundCloud! Now that you have your brand-spankin’-new page all set up, it’s time to begin building a following. 

This is crucial if you want to garner music publicity in the future as a page with no plays or following will not be appealing to music bloggers or industry people.

1. Plug your page on all other social media

The first thing you want to do is promote your SoundCloud page on your other social media pages. Rounding up people who are already fans of yours is always going to be easier than recruiting completely new fans, so it’s best to start where you already have a following.

Plug your SoundCloud page in a status on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Like So:

“We are now on SoundCloud! Click the link to stream our entire catalogue of releases. Every follow is appreciated!”

“Have you checked out our SoundCloud page?”

You can also link to yourSoundCloud page to multiple sections on each social network for people who might have missed the status update.

Facebook: Link to your SoundCloud in the “about” section of your profile.

Twitter: Put a link in your bio, or link to it in the “website” section of your profile.

Instagram: Take a screenshot of your page and put a link in your bio. If a screenshot doesn’t fit your aesthetic, try a funny graphic, if funny isn’t your thing try any graphic


2. Follow and interact with other independent artists.

In a lot of ways, SoundCloud is like any other social network. People like you are looking to build a following, and are more than happy to return the favor if you give them a follow and some positive feedback.

When you are first starting out, stay away from celebrities or large accounts that have a slim chance of following you back.

Like So:

Follow other independent artists similar to yourself with comparable followings to your own.

Give them a follow

Heart their tracks,

Leave positive comments.

Not only will it make their day, but they will more than likely be happy to return the favor.

3.. Follow small and medium sized music blogs.

Just like with steering clear of huge celebrity accounts, do the same when following blogs. There is a huge community on SoundCloud of small music blogs and websites who are more than happy to plug independent artists.

Some will repost your music or include you on a playlist even if they don’t feature you on their blog if they like the music enough.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to give a follow to an account that isn’t linked to an external site.

Some people just like to feature good music, and have a super-loyal following who trust their taste and their curation skills.

Every like, comment, follow and play counts, and you never know who is going to come across your music thanks to a passionate music lover and a  placement.

There you have it! Follow these steps and you’ll have a solid, loyal SoundCloud following in no time.

Happy SoundCloud-ing!

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