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Leon Hendrix’s Attorney Responds To Experience Hendrix Lawsuit

image from www.celebrityaccess.comFollowing our coverage of the estates of Jimi and Al Hendrix filing a lawsuit against Andrew Pitsicalis, Leon Hendrix and other associated companies alleging copyright and trademark infringement, Thomas Osinski, a lawyer for the defendants, contacted us with a statement.

"Pitsicalis has been in Business with Leon Hendrix and his family, who is Jimi’s actual brother that grew up with him and Jimi’s nieces and nephews, for over ten years dealing in Jimi Hendrix-related merchandise and products. This was following a string of successful court cases with the estate and exclusive deals for rights to various Jimi Hendrix copyrighted images and original artistic creations. Experience Hendrix has long known of my clients’ legal and proper Jimi Hendrix products and brings this frivolous suit now only to further tarnish and interfere with Jimi’s Brother Leon’s lawful and proper business that rightfully respects Jimi Hendrix’s legacy," Osinski said.

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"As a result, my clients will be vigorously defending this latest onslaught and filing appropriate counter suits and/or counter claims to vindicate their rights and punish these slanderous and false attacks once and for all," he added.

According to Osinski, Hendrix Experience mischaracterized several previous legal rulings in the case and that previous efforts by Experience Hendrix to seek injunctions against the defendant's Hendrix-based products were denied. As well, Osinski contends that while previous rulings have excluded because Leon Hendrix and his family from Jimi Hendrix's music catalog and limited trademarks created by Experience Hendrix, they do not preclude Leon and his associates from selling Hendrix-related merchandise. 

– via CelebrityAccess

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  1. Hi
    I like the great write up you did about the new Hendrix Law suit
    but one area that no one is talking about is The Jimi Hendrix Foundation.Please see what I have sent this would be a great story you would be the first.
    So it would be great that some one would write about the Jimi Hendrix Foundation as it has the full legal rights for the same as the Experience Hendrix of which only the Experience Hendrix has the music catalog.You would be the only one writing about this.This has been over looked by every one else.If you need to phone me my # 1-604-441-5708

  2. It is about time someone mentioned the Foundation and the fact that Jainie is frivolously suing them again, as well and also seriously interfering with the good work they are trying to do.
    The Foundation case currently thrown into court is frivolous because the same suit was brought by Jainie,, in 2005 and was dismissed with predjudice, meaning; The trademark case and Jainie’s attempts to rehear this case will come to naught, it is Res Judicata. You can dress it up, rename it and put lipstick on it but when any Federal Judge actually has this fact brought to his or her attention, there will be huge vindication for the Foundation. See Judge Zilly 9th Circut Federal Court of Appeals. Which, by the way, is the last stop for any and all cases in the USA.
    The person who said, “you would be the only ones covering this”, is absolutely correct. Is a shame that everyone in general seems to be afraid of being on the ‘wrong’ side of Jainie. As if. She, much like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz film, “Has no power here”, or anywhere else for that matter. To think otherwise is to feed into her delusional thinking and it is just sad.

  3. The world is full of people trying to cash in where they cannot legally go.
    Joe Rosignolo, “you’ll be the first to write about it”, seems quite desperate and also is not capable of writing an elementary sentence with proper grammar or structure. The Jimi Hendrix Foundation, in these later years, is just a bunch of inept losers trying to find a way to cash in on the Hendrix name. It has nothing to do with charity really. It has to do with foolish people who don’t know how to do much of anything, hoping to get lucky and have it rain bills on them. Janie was left in charge by the Hendrix father. She is in charge and will remain so. There was a reason she was chosen. You people are like juveniles looking for a handout. Try going and actually doing something of your own like adults generally do who accomplish anything. Never mind, you would have already if you had been capable of it.

  4. Janie has the legal right. None of these losers have any rights. But I guess they have nothing better to do with their time. Hope it doesn’t come back and bite them and cause big time serious injury! What a bunch of jackals!

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