Taylor Swift Preps Plan To Offer Fans Music Streaming, But On Her Own Terms

image from topher1kenobe.comTaylor Swift is planning to launch her own streaming music service, reports DMZ, citing filed documents. But we read the available evidence differently than the celebrity gossip site, though we still reach an intriguing conclusion.

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Taylor Swift may have found the solution to her ongoing feud with Spotify and other streaming music services. She's planning to offer music streaming direct to fans, reports DMZ based on filed documents.

Apparently, Swift wants to brand a website "Swifties featuring, according to the documents "non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings."

To DMZ that means that she's eyeing her own streaming music service.

Far more likely than launching a Spotify competitor, Swift wants a way to give her hardcore fans what they want – streams of her (and only her) music. These streams would be offered alongside the other things listed in the same document: "a line of music products, including guitars, guitar picks, guitar straps and drumsticks: plus "retreats, educational camps and self-guided online courses."

So there's no need for panic at Spotify or for Wall Street to downgrade Pandora. Taylor Swift really just wants to add music streams to a new fan club offering.


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