1. Meet the new boss…. same as the old boss.
    Now that we let Spotify gain huge leverage buy selling music for next to nothing, we have to deal with the new gatekeeper controller of music revenue. Once again, the system is optimized on Stream Service (Distributor), Label, and Consumer interests not creators’.
    $10/month for an iPhone with unlimited data sounds about right. eh?

  2. Spotify has sold itself out to the major labels over the last month or two. They completely used independents giving them false hope of success and reaping promotion benefits, now immediately have turned around and put the same bullshit major label back music (now with more leveraging power with the equity increase for lowering per stream royalties) into every playlist. The majors are a cartel, whom at every cost will protect themselves to stay at the top; even if it’s by destroying the music industry.

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