Why You Need To Be As Active On Spotify As You Are On Facebook

UhWhile most musicians now realize that maintaining an effective artist presence on Facebook requires daily maintenance, the may not know that the same is true of Spotify. Here we go over ten easy steps that can do wonders for the growth of your presence on Spotify.


Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician

10 small steps you can take to maintain and grow your presence on Spotify

Most musicians understand by now that a Facebook page is like a garden. It needs to be tended daily. Neglect your Facebook page for too many days or weeks in a row and your reach will fall off, your engagement will dry up, and you’ll have to work twice as hard to get things back to so-so.

But daily tending doesn’t have to mean hours in front of your computer; two minutes to post something, three or four minutes responding to comments and messages, done.

The same is true for Spotify — you should be tending to your Spotify presence every single day.

Spotify is more than an interactive streaming service:

  • DownloadIt’s a curation platform — and playlisting is the new radio in terms of “breaking” acts.
  • Spotify also serves as a direct line to your listeners, since your new releases can be placed in your followers’ weekly customized Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.
  • Spotify also gives you interesting ways to recontextualize your entire music catalog, so you can continue to promote older songs in interesting ways.
  • Spotify gives you monetized ways of sharing your music on your website, via social, and more.

But in order to use Spotify to its fullest potential, you have to put in some work. Not a ton. But at least as much as you’re doing on Facebook each day.

Here are some of the small proactive steps you can take to maintain your Spotify presence:

  1. Update your playlists with new songs
  2. Do social shout-outs to any artist you add to your playlist
  3. Promote your playlists via newsletter and social
  4. Re-assess the effectiveness of your playlist titles, descriptions, and artwork — and make any necessary changes
  5. Encourage fans to follow you on Spotify
  6. Pin a new song or playlist to the top of your artist discography page
  7. Embed Spotify players on your website for all your albums
  8. Check out your daily Spotify trending reports to better understand your audience and engagement on the platform, and to see what playlists include your music
  9. Give a social shout-out to any playlister who has added one of your songs
  10. Actually listen to your Discover Weekly playlist (it might be an easy way to find new tracks to add to the playlists you manage)

If you’re already listening to a lot of music on Spotify, it’s easy to make a daily habit of some of these things. The rest of them don’t take much time at all. So… get tending!

Got any other Spotify housekeeping recommendations to add? Let me know in the comments.

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