DistroKid Adds Vault: Free, Unlimited Audio File Backups For Musicians

image from cdn-images-1.medium.comUpstart digital music distributor DistroKid has launched Vault, offering unlimited free audio file backups to its users. The Vault provides backups and downloads of all uploads, including the 1.5 million tracks already uploaded to DistroKid.

image from cdn-images-1.medium.com

DistroKid already redundantly stores all tracks across multiple data centers using the highest grade of Amazon AWS S3 storage, which promises durability of 99.99999999%. So offering free backups and downloads really just meant a technical tweak for DistroKid.  

But like their "Leave A Legacy" feature, which offers distribution forever (as in, even after you die) for a one time fee of $29 a track or $49 an album, or the ability to automatically split payments amongst collaborators, Vault is the kind of smart add-on that gives a small but very nimble startup like Distrokid a competitive advantage in a crowded sector.

To access DistroKid Vault:

  1. Sign into DistroKid
  2. Click Settings (the “gear” icon in the upper-right)
  3. Click “Vault”

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  1. traxx.space already offers this. you can download your masters in .flac or .mp3. same thing with the artwork. they are cheaper than distrokid too.

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