Music Startup Consultant Patti Silverman Shares Her Song Stories

AJM5933 Digest-Hard-Cover(5)Music shapes our identities and changes our lives. It brings back our memories and stirs up our emotions. My Song Stories asks music professionals and indie artists questions about the songs in their libraries. Today, Patti Silverman, an advisor to the SF MusicTech Summit and a community builder in the music and tech sector, shares the artists and songs that have impacted her life and career.


By Kyle Bylin, author of Song Stories

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Patti Silverman. I'm an Advisor to The SF MusicTech Summit, on the SXSW Advisory Board, and I work as a Community Builder with clients in the music and tech spaces.

What song have you most recently played non-stop or on repeat?

Chance The Rapper – "No Problem"

What song most compels you to sing along when it plays?

Elton John – "Tiny Dancer" (only because Almost Famous is my favorite movie)

What song do you play when you need to feel motivated or inspired?

I create playlists on Spotify each month and just rotate through those for inspiration.

What song are you most embarrassed to admit that you enjoy?

Justin Bieber – "Love Yourself"

What song in your library has developed a personal or deeper meaning?

"Spread Your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The meaning of this song is more about a moment than the song itself. BRMC is my favorite band of all time. When I first discovered them, in a tiny venue in St. Louis in 2003, their live show changed my path completely. Leaving that show was the moment I decided I HAD to work in music.

What five artists most influenced you when you were a teenager?

1) Led Zeppelin – "The Song Remains The Same"
2) Modest Mouse – "Paper Thin Walls"
3) The Strokes – "Someday"
4) The Shins – "Caring Is Creepy"
5) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – "Spread Your Love"

What year did you graduate from high school?


What were your favorite activities or hobbies in high school?

I spent a lot of time seeing local bands. I started a band myself senior year, it lasted two weeks, but I pretty much killed it on the drums.

What five artists best represent your favorite music today?

1) Frightened Rabbit – "Keep Yourself Warm"
2) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – "Ain't No Easy Way"
3) Tame Impala – "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"
4) Alt- J – "Something Good"
5) Waterstrider – "Midnight Moon"

What is your most prized music possession or memorabilia?

My Adele 19 RIAA Certified Gold Record that I got while working on Adele's album at Columbia Records. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a really talented artist succeed. Being able to be a part of that story was a true honor.

How would you describe music's role or importance in your life?

Music has obviously been a huge part of my career, supporting musicians and supporting technology that helps musicians succeed. On a personal level, seeing live music is a huge outlet for me. No matter what is happening in my life, I feel completely healed after seeing a great live show.


Kyle Bylin is the author of Song Stories: Music That Shaped Our Identities and Changed Our Lives, a collection of essays about songs that impacted people's lives. Read an excerpt here.

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