Understanding The Importance Of Fan Interaction

Blog-picInteractions between fans and musicians can be a major contributing factor in making or breaking an artist's career success. As technology has evolved and the importance of social media has increased, the fan demand for artist interactions has grown, and cultivating a strong social media presence has become more important than ever.


Guest post by Joe Pecheco of SymphonicBlog

Artist and fan interaction is sometimes one of the main contributing factors to an artist’s growing fan base.

It’s simple, people love genuine people and that is especially true in the music industry. The rock star era of artists that have managers and record labels be their voice has long been surpassed so it’s time for artists to ask the question, am I interacting with my fans?

With advancements in technology, fans desire for artist interaction has increased more and more and it honestly has become easier for artists to do so. Social media has leveled the playing field, giving all artists an equal chance to be as interactive with fans as possible. Artists such as Chance the Rapper and Lil B have blown up just based on having a great social media presence and fan interaction.

Here are some reasons why fan interaction is important:

Keeping fans interested in you

9Interact with your fans to simply keep them aware of you and your music. As mentioned before, the industry is a level playing field, so your interaction level with your fans can either set you apart or set you behind.

Some great ways in doing this is making it a point to become friends with just about everyone at your gigs. Keep up with the bands and their followings and just introduce yourself to everyone there. If you keep this up, you’ll watch your fan base grow and stick around.

Social Media

Social media presence as stated above is really important. Fans want to know the ins and outs of you and social media is where they go to find that. It’s important to be interactive on social media though. When fans comment or like a post, communicate back with them! Create conversations and be humble.

Interacting with fans is key in today’s industry. Some of the tips listed above will help you communicate with fans better and watch your fan base grow!

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