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Sirius XM Q2 Revenue Up 9%, Subscribers Pass 32 Million

SiriusxmSirius XM exceeded investor expectations with a strong Q2 report. News that revenue was up 9% for the quarter to $1.3 billion and subscriptions grew 466,000 to 32 million sent the stock up 8% by mid-afternoon on Thursday.

Sirius XM Q2 2017 Earnings Highlights

  • Net Self-Pay Subscribers Grow 466,000; Total Subscribers Exceed 32 Million
  • Second Quarter Revenue Climbs 9% to $1.3 Billion
  • Quarterly Net Income Rises 16% to $202 Million
  • Adjusted EBITDA Grows 12% to a Quarterly Record of $522 Million
  • Quarterly Operating Cash Flow Rises 12% to $483 Million; Free Cash Flow Grows 6% to $417 Million

Read the full earning report here.