Bandzoogle Launches New Fan Data Dashboard

Bandzoogle 1With the advent of digital came a flood of data that can and should inform and refine every corner of an artist's career. This data firehouse can be quite overwhelming, however; so Bandzoogle has a launched a solution.



Bandzoogle 2

Website and music marketing platform Bandzoogle has launched Bandzoogle Data: analytics that track the artist's website and sales stats.  Combine that data with social and streaming stats, and you have a powerful guide as to where to put time and resources.

In a new Reports tab, Bandzoogle artists data now includes where fans are from, how they got to the website,  and what they’re listening and buying. There is also more detailed data on site visitors, the number of plays per song, sales of  music and merch, and the mailing list.

Users can see daily visitors and itemized sales or look back on any date range up to 6 months.  

“If you own the data,

the money will always follow.”

Derek Webb (Artist/Founder of NoiseTrade)

Bandzoogle's Suggestions On How To Use Fan Data 

Use your data to increase music plays, merch sales, book shows, and more

Why is data so important for your band? Data gives you insight into who your fans are, where they live, what they’re listening to, and what they’re buying. Use it to find out:

  • Where your website traffic is from

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  • What site(s) brought your visitors to your site
  • Where your mailing list members live

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  • Which of your songs are being streamed/downloaded the most

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  • Where your music streams/downloads are happening
  • What merch is selling best for you

And more. Using this data can help you choose which song to invest in releasing a video for, where you should tour next, and what type of merchandise you should sell to your fans. 

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