PledgeMusic Launches Amplify, A New Artist Development Platform

PledgeMusic NewPledgeMusic has launched a new artist development program dubbed Amplify. It is accepting submissions from "up and coming creatives" for a chance to receive extra support through Pledge Music's fan-based platform, as well as be eligible for special sponsorship opportunities.


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PledgeMusic has launched Amplify to help developing artists by leveraging its robust community of fans eager to support independent musicians. Amplify has already selected the first round of artists through an internal submission process. But moving forward, the platform will take submissions three times per year.

"PledgeMusic is inherently wired to nurture and break artists given our ability to expose music to our extremely active user base of passionate fans, harvest fan data to share with partners that work with PledgeMusic, and marketing ability to drive engagement with fans," said CEO Dominic Pandiscia.  

The five initial artists are: BROOKLYN-based indie rock musician TORRES; acoustic/folk artist MICHAEL BERNARD FITZGERALD, BOSTON funk/pop outfit RIPE; L.A.'s dark pop powerhouse HOLY WARS; and CANADIAN folk-music duo TWIN BANDIT. PLEDGEMUSIC will launch pre-order campaigns for FITZGERALD, RIPE, HOLY WARS and TWIN BANDIT today, while TORRES will introduce her campaign on MONDAY, AUGUST 14th.

Initial brands supporting AMPLIFY artists mission as sponsors, including EPIPHONE, GUITAR CENTER and FYE. EPIPHONE will contribute a total of 15 guitars to the project, worth a value of up to $45,000. Finalists will also receive: a $500 GUITAR CENTER gift certificate, special artist pricing, and artist concierge service for one year; and special support from FYE including chain-wide distribution of the winning artist's physical release, manufacturing support, plus artist promotion on the brand's online platforms. 

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