Using The Lean Start Up Method For Music Promotion?

15-To-LifeThe lean startup method, designed in as means of presenting an idea to a consumer to determine the minimum viable product. Here we look at whether this startup technique could be applied in the music industry for music promotion.


In this latest from MusicThinkTank, Maikol Petersen delves into whether the Lean Startup Method could potentially be applied in the music industry as a means for music promotion.

"The methodology is in short a way to present an idea/hypothesis to the end consumer to find the “minimum viable product” (MVP) before starting to develop a product or servie to find if there’s actually a need for the product that the end consumer is actually willing to pay for. The method has been expanded to apply to any individual, team, or company looking to introduce new products or services into the market. But how about music?"

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