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  1. Let me tell you why is this NOT relevant for music.
    “there isn’t typically any information where and how to buy their product”
    Yes, because they are a freakin multi billion dollar company and they have a HUGE budget to advertise like this. They typically DON’T NEED to advertise where to buy the product BECAUSE EVERYONE ALREADY KNOW IT.
    If a small business (like an independent musician) would do the same, they would be out of business really fast.
    “use product placement”
    Well, music is NOT a product. (not anymore) Since nobody buys music anymore, music is a SERVICE. You can only use product placement with a PRODUCT.
    “develop a mystery around what you are doing”
    OMG here is this country band… what will be their next CD? Maybe they will do some Salsa music? What a mystery!
    “Apple ads showing people having a great time”
    Again, this is a tool for multi billion dollar advertising budgets, and NOT for micro and small businesses.
    A micro business would fail big time with ads like this.
    One example: a few years ago a local band tried to advertise like these huge companies. They spent thousands of dollars to put huge billboards all around the city.
    Do you know how many fans they got? Zero. The band doesn’t exist anymore.

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