3 Tips To Make Your Online Marketing Campaign More Effective

1An effective online marketing campaign is key to the success of any artist, but successfully executing one is easier said than done. In this piece we look at three different tips for growing your online audience, as well as better connecting with it.


Guest post by Chris Robley  from CD Baby's DIY Musician

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To market your music online with Show.co:

  1. Log into your CD Baby member account
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Show.co campaigns are easy to build, they look great, and they can be super effective. When Ignition Records runs Show.co campaigns for Noel Gallagher of OASIS, they sometimes see conversion rates of 80-90%. That’s crazy good.

Noel-GallgherBut it’s worth remembering that your online marketing can take time to fine-tune. Once you’ve launched a campaign, no matter if it’s met with massive cheers or the sound of crickets, the 30-day mark is a good place to pause, measure your results, and make any necessary tweaks.

Some tips to improving your music marketing campaign engagement

Test your messaging

Ask yourself: Is the “hook” of this campaign actually enticing?

Think about the offer from a different angle. Then create a separate campaign with a different headline or call-to-action. As a CD Baby client, you can have two different Show.co campaigns live at any one time, so run the two simultaneously.

After enough time has passed, compare the two campaigns to see which message is more effective. Leave that one live. If you want to make further tweaks to the messaging, use the other campaign to test a new idea against the previous winner. This is basic, iterative “A/B testing.”

Try to reach different people

Ask yourself: Does the offer match the audience?

For instance, sharing a song from your last album with your existing fanbase might not be working because those folks have already heard that track. How can you adjust?

Perhaps instead you should target the song to people who have NOT heard your music, or offer your existing fans something they haven’t experienced yet.

Explore new ways of reaching an audience

Ask yourself: Have I exhausted my normal communication channels (email newsletter, your website, etc.)?

If so, experiment with blog outreachpaid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube; or something crazy and creative that no musician has been stupid or brilliant enough to try yet!

Sometimes a little adjustment can make a big difference, so hopefully these questions help you focus your existing music marketing campaigns and plan better for future efforts.

Are you having wild success with Show.co? Still waiting for your campaign to hit? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried, what’s working, and what’s not. Holler in the comments.

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