11 Dos And Don’ts For Crowdfunding Your Album

0001Even on a DIY level, recording an album is expensive proposition, and while crowdfunding can be an excellent way to amass the necessary funds to get one made, such fundraising can be a challenge to do the right way. Here we look at eleven dos and don'ts for executing a successful crowdfunding campaign.


In this latest helpful post from the pages of MusicThinkTank, Justin Ralph shares eleven important dos and don'ts for successfully executing a crowdfunding campaign.

"The creation and delivery of perks like vinyl, CDs, and posters can be pretty costly. Make sure you keep these costs in mind when you create your budget. When I was shipping out rewards to my backers, I found out that shipping a single CD to Australia from Canada cost more than 10$. Don’t let those surprises happen to you!"

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