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15 Most Powerful Independent Curators On Spotify

Images (9)While labels, blogs, networks, and of course Spotify itself are known to have a lot clout when it comes to playlisting culture, we here look at several independent individuals, and the sort of power they wield when it comes to playlists and playlist followers.


Guest post from the Slotify Method Blog

There are plenty of blogs and networks who have a large following on Spotify. Spinnin’ Records, Walt Disney Records, all well into the one million follower range. What about individuals who have the most push and influence on the platform? Here is a list of the most powerful independent curators on the platform right now.

Curator NameNumber of PlaylistsPlaylist Followers
Hugo Gloss441,111,289
Daniel Ek34740,339
Bruno Navarro7684,517
Diego Fernando Bravo47494,662
Livia Campos19399,846
Eva Gutowski47379,305
Assia Grazioli83327,614

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  1. Hello Readers!
    I am an independent Spotify Playlist Curator ( and have near 10k followers on my playlists. You can submit your music to me by Tweeting to me or sending a msg on Twitter. (
    Please send me the link of your song on Spotify as well as which playlist do you want me to consider the song for.
    I curate the following playlists, you can find them in my Spotify profile under public playlists section (here is the link:
    – Light Songs for Lazy Sundays
    Rock, Alternative, Pop, Fusion, Electronic, Instrumental, Classic, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Psychedelic, World compilation which has a light and somehow chill mood. Good for a lazy Sunday.
    – Vibes of Blues, Jazz & Soul Tribes
    Compilation of Blues, Jazz and Soul songs with a Semi-Light vibe around it. Good for having a relaxed evening and a glass of wine.
    – Rock & Metal Block
    Rock & Metal Around the world.
    – Rock & Metal Progressive Walk
    The playlist is compilation of old and new Progressive Rock and Metal around the world.
    – Music Medley
    The playlist is a diverse one collecting fusion songs around the world. It can be Jazz, Pop, Blues, etc. But, the instruments, Vibes, Singers are from different countries and cultures came together in one song.
    – Electronic Kite
    Diverse Electronic, Psychedelic, Trip Hop, Techno, Tech-House, Minimal Compilation.

  2. Hi!
    I’m the owner of the playlist “joe and the juice” on Spotify, that has 5.925 followers at the moment, with more joining every single day. If you are an artist / promoter / manager, feel free to hit me up with your music and I’ll give it a spin. My email is
    Best, Jacob

  3. Hi Guys, Im trying to get my music on a spotify playlist…Im not gonna boast and brag , I will let the music do the talking…If you like it please add it…Peace
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    Evidenc-E (Get It On Tonight) – Soulful/HipHop
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