3 Power Steps To Music Industry Success

1-aDsblOYr4qfZEb5XGfKVewAs any aspiring artist is no doubt aware, making it in the music industry is no easy task, and the road to success is lengthy and harrowing. Here we look at three important steps artists must take as they journey to career success in the music business.


In this latest piece of advice from Dean Hailstone on MusicThinkTank, he blocks out three 'power steps' artists must take as they strive to succeed in the music industry.

"In many instances, musicians struggle with their right to be on stage. One thing to realise that this is actually a form of self-doubt, and it can negatively impact our performance.

The reason for this simply comes down to non-verbal communication. When you’re on stage, you’re sending out information about yourself that your audience is interpreting. If they feel that you’re nervous and uneasy, it will be difficult to make as big of an impact."

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