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Advocacy Group Launches Ad Campaign Calling Out YouTube For “Mistreatment Of Artists” [VIDEO]

YOuTube NOArtist's advocacy group, the Content Creators Coalition (c3) is launching an ad campaign as it expands efforts to highlight what many in the music industry see as unfair treatment of artists and music creators by Google’s YouTube.



The Content Creators Coalition is releasing a series of video ads calling on Google owned YouTube to give artists more control over their music and calling on Congress to update the DMCA. The ads will be airing on YouTube, as well as other digital platforms, as part of a "significant" new ad buy.

"Google’s YouTube has shortchanged artists while earning billions of dollars of our music. Artists know YouTube can do better. So, rather than hiding behind outdated laws, YouTube and Google should work to give artists more control over our music and pay music creators fairly when our songs are played on their platform,” said Melvin Gibbs, c3 President and award-winning bassist and composer. Our ads send a message to the executives in Mountain View that artists are fighting back and mobilizing fans to push Congress to update the DMCA and end the legal neglect that has given Big Tech too much power over our work and society.” 

Recently, c3 called for Congressional hearings into Google’s efforts to monopolize civil society in support of the company’s balance-sheet-driven agenda. In February, c3 Advisory Board Member T Bone Burnett submitted a video to the U.S. Copyright Office calling for reforms to the DMCA notice-and-takedown process. And c3 Advisory Board Member Jonathan Taplin made the case about Silicon Valley’s distortion of the music economy in a New York Times Op-Ed.

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