How To Pitch Music To A Spotify Playlist with Ari Herstand

Musicbiz weekly podcast logoMusician, author and artist advocate Ari Herstand joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on the Music Biz Weekly podcast to discuss the different kinds of playlists on Spotify and how to pitch to them. They also look at third party services you can hire to pitch your music to playlists, as well as, how to pitch your own music to playlist curators.

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  1. Best 4 Android Apps to Stream Music from Cloud in Offline
    Cloud services are offering better services that reduced the need for memory cards in smartphone devices. Cloud services are offering to save your files like photos, videos, and even your music files and most of them are coming for free for basic storage space varying from 2GB to 15GB. There are nice apps for Android phone or tablet to stream videos and music you already saved in your cloud account. Let us go through some music streaming applications that can play music stored in your cloud.
    The benefit if cloud storage is that there is no need to transfer music files to your Android phone to play the music with the cloud. You only need to save MP3 or other music format files into your cloud account and you can directly stream this music to your Android phone whenever you need. The only downside is that data consumption in cloud streaming. There is an option in most of the streaming application given below to set your file for an offline play that does not need any data or Internet connection to play the music once it saved into your device for offline play. Let us see best Android Apps to Stream Music from Cloud in Offline.
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    1.Beat – Cloud & Music Player
    4.My Music Cloud

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