Maintaining A Successful Relationship While Touring

Images (9)Touring brings plenty of stresses and challenges with it, and maintaining a relationship over not only distance but a complex schedule and dubious connectivity is certainly among them. Here we look at some tips for making it work.


In this most recent post to MusicThinkTank, Robert Lanterman offers some helpful tips on successfully maintaining a relationship while on tour.

"Texting isn’t the greatest thing in the world, and I certainly do not propose you be texting someone every five minutes. Those people are terribly boring and honestly kind of a drag to tour with.

But when you’re busy, it’s a good way to just check in. Because who knows which days you won’t have much time to call. Maybe you’ve been in the driver’s seat or exploring a new city with your bandmates and crew, for instance. So texting in these instances is the perfect way to let them know where you are, how you’re doing, and to check in on them as well."

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