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Sonos Adds Voice Control via Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant To Follow

sonos[UPDATE 2] Sonos has added voice control to its wireless speaker system using Amazon's Alexa system and related devices. Apple's Siri and Airplay 2, as well as, Google Assistant voice control will be added next year.



  • Available today, current Sonos owners also get voice with Amazon Alexa through a free software update to existing speakers
  • Apple Airplay 2 coming to Sonos in 2018
  • Control Sonos from new music service apps including Pandora and Tidal in the coming months. Audible, iHeartRadio, and Kuke Music in 2018.
  • Available today, the Sonos App gets a refresh
  • In 2018, Sonos will open its developer program for new experiences on the Sonos Sound platform
  • New retail stores to open in London and Berlin 
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New $199 Sonos One


A software update available today will connect Amazon Alexa-driven voice controlled devices to Sonos to control Spotify and other music services on the wireless speakers platform. The beta update will initially launch in the US, UK and Germany.

Sonos will also be adding voice control using Apple's Airplay 2 and Siri early next year. Other voice protocols will be added in the coming months. 

A new Sonos One speaker adds voice control directly within the device. It will be priced at $199 in the U.S.

More Control, More Services 

Earlier this year Sonos added direct control from the Spotify app. More music services, as well as, smart home apps and devices will be added in the coming months via an approved developer program. Speaker control direct from Pandora and Tidal apps will be available before the end of the year, with iHeart Radio and Audible to follow.

Sonos currently works with 80 music services work and dozens of  connected home companies and apps.

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