Top 10 Excuses Why You Didn’t Make It To My Show [Kosha Dillz]

1Getting people to turn up for shows remains one of the greatest challenges in the industry, and friends and fans alike will usually have an assortment of excuses for not showing up. Here rapper Kosha Dillz shares some of the top excuses he heard during his headlining show in NYC.


Guest post by Kosha Dillz

While getting ready to complete my 28 city USA tour, I have heard and experienced things I could never imagine to share with anyone. I nearly walked into the Duluth Minnesota Mayor's house at 5 am when I was staying with their neighbor. I played a sold out show in Seattle. We opened for Insane Clown Posse in Lacrosse Wisconsin and had to unload trucks to get the show at 9 am in the morning and rap an entire theatre in fire proof plastic to prevent it from being destroyed by Diet Root beer Faygo. i

While all of that sounds crazy, nothing is crazier than the excuse I get to not attending my New York City show. Instead of telling you how great the show was, lets all look at some of these excuses that were given to me when I promoted the show. I think you will enjoy them!

21. "I'm not coming because I am taking care of myself"
2 "My wife is out of town and my dad is in the hospital"
3, "I live in Philly actually these days"
4 "Every wednesday Night I have religious meetings"
5. "All my roommates are sleeping so they can't come"
6. "Family Emergency, don't think I am gonna make it"
7. "Can't make it tonight, we are sans baby sitter"
8. "Have a great show…I'm in canada!"
9. "I thought it was next month"
10. "I already go there twice a week for work – tonight is my birthday. I don't want to celebrate my birthday with Kosha Dillz where I work twice a week."
If you get a chance to listen to my new song Not that bright ft. Flex Mathews, Def check it out!  Regardless, I will be on the Warped Rewind at Sea w/ Good Charlotte, 3OH3, Bowling for Soup. as the only rapper and if someone comes to gie me an excuse about not coming to the boat show i can only assume they are swimming in the ocean or swimming in the pool.
What excuses have people given you to not come to your show? Post them below in the comment section. 
Kosha Dillz is a DIY hip hop artist who has charted on Billboard and was called "the hardest working man in hp hop" by Source Magazine. His videos on youtube are really awesome and he doesn't make excuse for why he won't come to your show. You can email him at rapperfriends@gmail.com or say hey on the facebook  or twitter.

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