10 Home Studio Mistakes + How They Can Be Fixed

1A lot of home studio owners don't always enter the music industry with a lot of background of previous experience running a recording studio out of their home, and some mistakes are bound to occur. Here we look at how these mistakes can be fixed.


In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, Emma Becker looks at ten of the most common mistakes which occur in setting up a home studio, and what can be done about them.

"You are or you are looking to become a home studio owner because you either make music, offer services around it or offer products around it.

This means you’re either working alone or maybe with a partner but most likely nobody dedicated to marketing.

It’s quite easy to focus your full attention on what you are creating or to improve your skill and forget that other people need to know what you are doing.

Fans, clients, buyers don’t come out of nowhere most of the time. You need to actively find and attract them."

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