Seth Godin Shares 6 Words That Should Guide All Of Your Marketing [YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS]

Seth-Godin-620x310This week, marketing guru Seth Godin joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly podcast. So much great information is discussed, that every single musician, big or small, can use. This is MUST listen episode.


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Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. You might be familiar with his books Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip and Purple Cow.

He was recently inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, one of just three chosen for this honor in 2013.  You can learn more about Seth at SethGodin.com

Seth Godin's 6 words that should drive all of your marketing? 

People like us do things like this.

Think about it.


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  1. this guys magic is that he delivers zero info and color coats it with pretty delivery……

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