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TIDAL Adds Detailed Album, Track Credits

Tidal logoTIDAL has become the first streaming music service to give creators something they've been clamouring for – credit where credit is due. TIDAL subscribers now have access to extensive artist credits for many tracks and albums that are reminiscent of liner notes.


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TIDAL has added access to extensive artist credits for tracks and albums, reminiscent of album liner notes. The data includes in-depth descriptions and credits for composers, lyricists, engineers, musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, mastering, production, mixing, album cover photographer and more.

Album and track information is available on the desktop app, web player and mobile apps. Not all tracks have the information at launch, but more are being added every day, according to the music streamer. 

"Live Credits" Adds Video and Audio Interviews

TIDAL has also "brought the artist credits feature to life" with Live Credits, which takes fans inside a notable song, album or video, by interviewing the people responsible for its creation. Through a combination of video, audio and the written word, artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers recount their behind-the-scenes experiences.

TIDAL is now available in more than 52 countries, with a 51 million-plus song catalog and 195,000 high quality videos.

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  1. Wonderful news. I miss the detailed credits that used to appear on CD and vinyl liner notes. Fantastic development for the creative folks.

  2. FINALLY! Theres so much work that goes into producing a CD and reading the liner notes help make the adventure of listening so much better when you know who & what was behind it to make it great! Long overdue! Thanks Tidal!!!

  3. Dope about time and sense I handle 99% of these duties it’s good to know who is responsible for all the creativity that surrounds the music we hear and love. I would always turn the records on the backside to read the credits. I did the same thing with Tapes & Cd’s great news for people just like me #johngreasy #ggmg #wegone

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