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Engaging Fans Via Messenger Bot: A How-To Guide

1_mBPrjrPLo94U2tnCB0wk7AAs organically reaching your fanbase via socially media has become increasingly challenging, artists may often be inclined to give up hope and instead seek to connect with fans via paid social media campaigns - messenger bots, however, provide a better solution.


Guest post from The Message

Everyone knows that a strong digital presence is key to online success. Whether you are running marketing for a large organization, a small challenger brand or whether you are a musician doing it yourself, one thing is clear: doing digital right is crucial. Often “doing things right” can feel like trial and error though, and you constantly have to experiment to get visibility for content.

The decline of organic reach on social is one of the most difficult challenges there is for marketers. Your content is most probably being pushed down by videos and other sorts of paid ads and content that will overtake your fans’ feeds.

When organic reach doesn’t bring strong results, it can often feel like the only option is to pay to get visibility for content, boosting posts or running social media ad campaigns to ensure that your fans can see the content you want them to see. But those paid campaigns are often in competition with other people also trying to reach a similar audience.

It doesn’t need to be this way!

If you want to connect with your fans on a more personal level and actually activate them, meaning engaging them, it’s time to shift your focus. So where does that leave you and your brand?

Messenger botsYou created your bot, you launched it, you know what techniques to use to make your bot great — so far so good. And now what? Time to activate your fans.

Once your fan has pressed “Get Started” (i.e. has opted in) their awesome experience can begin.

Update, update, update

Gone are the times when your fans actively visited your website to check out what is happening with your latest tour or album. Everyone’s attention is limited — and using quick-fire and simple pieces of content to capture fans’s attention is an easy way to remind people you are out there.

Not everyone has time to read that email you sent — but if you send an email campaign and you’re also pushing content through Messenger then the dots begin to join up.

Back then, you waited for them to come to you. Now, it’s the other way around — you can go directly to them.

Old school digital: make content and wait for fans to come to you. Recent history: make digital content and compete with others to drive your fans to it. New model: have a one-on-one unfiltered relationship with your fans, and check in to remind them you’re there.

And remember — more than 1.3 billion people use Messenger, and it’s the most downloaded app for smartphones. When you are connected to your fans on Messenger you no longer need to boost posts to reach them, or compete with bigger brands outspending you to reach the same audience. You can simply shoot them a message with the quick update you have in mind.

  • Dropping a new single? Update them
  • Going on tour? Update them
  • Launching a new line of sneakers? Update them
  • Doing a meet & greet? Update them
  • Doing a book signing? Yeah, you know it — update them
  • Anything else you want them to know about? That’s right — update them!

Use rich content to tell your story

Telling a story is how you can attract the attention of your fans so they actually become interested in what you have to say.

  • Use images, GIFs, cards, carrousels (articles e.g.) and interesting links
  • Make a logical story flow
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Create and promote competitions
  • Create quizzes

Be Different…and Personal

  • When sending your fans a message, include the “first name” tag
  • Focus on exclusive content only for Messenger, something they can’t find anywhere else on social ( The Academic — perfect example)

  • Recognize your fans’ talents (example below Armin van Buuren)

  • Invite your fans to be a part of a special, exclusive community (a great example is Run The Jewels)


Messenger bots offer a great platform for marketers to tap into and explore. Here’s some advice straight from the pros in the business who’ve had their own success story with Messenger bots:

“For instance, you can let them know it’s a bot and not every message will be directly from the artist, but that they can come there to get any info they would like and of course, premium content etc.” — Jessica Page, MOM+POP
“Depending on the sophistication of their response trees, musicians can also effectively use the bot as a simplified version of an official website, a one-stop shop for all info from tour dates, single/album releases, and buy links.” — Noah Jackson, Downtown Records
“The higher level of response (compared to a Page post for example) and the more direct nature of how you connect with fans. It feels more valuable because its almost like getting a text message from the band directly. I love that.” — Darren Hemmings, Motive Unknown

Messenger bots are more personal than a FB post on a feed. They are also able to engage with followers much more efficiently than any other type of online medium. Email’s great for some purposes, social media too. But Messenger bots are becoming a strong competition for all these outlets. It’s time to get onboard. With the right tool, you can do it all 🎉