10 Most Read Posts Of 2017 On Hypebot

HypebotFrom Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to Spotify and Facebook, here are the 10 most read stories on Hypebot last year. We've taken the liberty of eliminating a few pieces that would seem dated, like a list of 2017 Grammy winners; and what's left offers an overview of the stories and issues that shaped the new music industry in 2017 and beyond.



In reverse order:

10. Scientific Study Identifies Most Important Member Of Every Band, And It Is…

9. One Look At Ed Sheeran's Spotify Earnings Could Change Your Mind About Streaming

8. How To Get Music On Spotify’s Playlists

7. Why You Can’t Put The Music Industry On A Blockchain

6. Taylor Swift Paddles Outside Streaming To Bridge Value Gap

5. The Best Days Of The Week And Times Of Day To Post On YouTube

4. Facebook Tests Change That Is CATASTROPHIC For Music Marketing

3. Facebook Testing Option To Link Groups, Pages – How It Works

2. The MP3 Is Dead, Long Live The MP3

1. Pop Artist Shelita Burke Uses Data Science, Blockchain To Her Advantage

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