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Spotify Tests Discovery Weekly Playlist Like / Dislike Feature

LikeSpotify is testing a new Discover Weekly feature that will make these individualized playlists even more personalized. Discover Weekly playlists are among the music streamer's most popular features. Last year alone, users streamed 5 billion songs from their Discover Weekly playlists. 


Spotify new

Spotify is testing a new Discover Weekly a like / dislike function to that should improve the playlist's algorithm powered recommendations. 

For some users two new symbols – a small heart and a blocked sign now appear in the bottom left corner when a song is playing. The feature, reminiscent of Pandora's thumbs up / thumbs down , will presumably help fine tune each user's Discovery Weekly playlist.

While I love Discovery Weekly, I often find that it has populated my playlist informed by unusual tracks that I listened to as part of my work with at our sister booking agency Skyline Artists, juxtaposed with tracks I listen to for personal pleasure. This new feature could help fix that. 

Mashable Social Media Producer Jennie Gale was among the first to notice the test on Monday morning, and now other users are seeing the new symbols. 

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